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Christmas Programme Puppet Show

A puppet show for the kids with a message for the adults.


Live Calligraphy during Christmas Programme

Kerri used her awesome talent with calligraphy to deliver a simple but poignant message during the Epping Church 2011 Christmas Programme.

Epping Church Christmas Programme - Live Calligraphy from arthur wong on Vimeo.

Matthew Kuo's Baptism - November 5, 2011

Matthew Kuo made the most important decision in his life on November 5, 2011. We are all so proud of you!


Mission Accomplished! - Orphanage Project

In 2009 Epping SDA Church embarked on a mission project to help the International Children’s Care Australia (ICCA) raise funds to build the school extension at the Orphanage in the Philippines.

Fundraising Events

· Triathlon—cycling, running, swimming, organised by the pathfinders,  adventurers, parents and friends.

· Bible reading by the Sabbath School children.

· Sew and Tell

· Creative Activities

· Games Nights

· Cooking demonstrations

· Birthday parties

· Generous donations by individuals and local businesses 

We were able to raise … $60,000 +. Mission Accomplished!

Epping Church Amazing Race 2011 Race Results

Team SMS Receiving their Peeled Apple Trophy

Well the Amazing Race has been run and won.

After 5 hours and 27 events the winners were  Team ‘SMS’ (Stephen, Matt and Stephanie) with 231 points.  Closely followed by team ‘Don’t break a hip’ (Michael, Jon, Belinda and Cassandra) with 227 points.


Adventurers Investiture

Last Sabbath was a special day for our Adventurers as they were acknowledged for their hard work during the year.

Those being invested were Jessica Kuo (Builders & Helping Hands), Mia Long (Builders), Zac Go (Sunbeams), Ethan Micklethwaite (Busy Bees) and the pre-adventurers, Nick Go, Jesse Manahan, Asenath Tupe, Sara Long and Madeleine Micklethwaite.

Jessica, Mia, Zac & Ethan also gave their take on the story of Samson & Delilah and told the congregation not to be taken in by two faced people but keep their trust in God.


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