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Church Services Currently Suspended

Epping SDA Church services are suspended due to Covid-19. We are currently live streaming our services on Facebook.

Pr. Nigel Ackland
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Live Calligraphy during Christmas Programme

Kerri used her awesome talent with calligraphy to deliver a simple but poignant message during the Epping Church 2011 Christmas Programme.

Epping Church Christmas Programme - Live Calligraphy from arthur wong on Vimeo.

Matthew Kuo's Baptism - November 5, 2011

Matthew Kuo made the most important decision in his life on November 5, 2011. We are all so proud of you!


Mission Accomplished! - Orphanage Project

In 2009 Epping SDA Church embarked on a mission project to help the International Children’s Care Australia (ICCA) raise funds to build the school extension at the Orphanage in the Philippines.

Fundraising Events

· Triathlon—cycling, running, swimming, organised by the pathfinders,  adventurers, parents and friends.

· Bible reading by the Sabbath School children.

· Sew and Tell

· Creative Activities

· Games Nights

· Cooking demonstrations

· Birthday parties

· Generous donations by individuals and local businesses 

We were able to raise … $60,000 +. Mission Accomplished!

Epping Church Amazing Race 2011 Race Results

Team SMS Receiving their Peeled Apple Trophy

Well the Amazing Race has been run and won.

After 5 hours and 27 events the winners were  Team ‘SMS’ (Stephen, Matt and Stephanie) with 231 points.  Closely followed by team ‘Don’t break a hip’ (Michael, Jon, Belinda and Cassandra) with 227 points.


Adventurers Investiture

Last Sabbath was a special day for our Adventurers as they were acknowledged for their hard work during the year.

Those being invested were Jessica Kuo (Builders & Helping Hands), Mia Long (Builders), Zac Go (Sunbeams), Ethan Micklethwaite (Busy Bees) and the pre-adventurers, Nick Go, Jesse Manahan, Asenath Tupe, Sara Long and Madeleine Micklethwaite.

Jessica, Mia, Zac & Ethan also gave their take on the story of Samson & Delilah and told the congregation not to be taken in by two faced people but keep their trust in God.

Mother's Day Social

I’d like to thank our young people for organising an amazing Mother’s Day social!

Everyone who attended was very impressed by the food, decoration and was simply fantastic! The mums were so surprised to find the hall so beautifully decorated with a full sit-down meal awaiting them...with table service and excellent food. it was such a treat for all our hard-working mums and aunties to be served for a change and not have to wash up.

Youth Water-ski Day 8th May 2011


The day started bright and early

In fact it was a frightful 5:30


The temperature gauge read 5 degrees

And the biting cold did not ease


Our adventure began at Wisemans Ferry

The water temperature wasn’t as scary


Wakeboarding I did enjoy

All of my skills I had to employ



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