ICC Update - February 2012

We had a fantastic time with Rokforce there in December.  They ran lots of classes in English, first aid, computers and swimming, and opened the campus to children from the community for a VBS type Kids Club – was great to see 40 children from the poorest families in the village enjoying the activities.

At the end of the week we gave each child a back-to-school kit and each of their families a food parcel of rice and beans and other things.  They bought each ICC child a new outfit as Christmas gifts and took them to Trincomalee for the Christmas weekend. Some of the men did some painting of one of the houses (see attached) I am probably a bit biased but the program is going and growing very well. 

Five new children were referred by the child protection service two weeks ago (pics of two attached) and today they were to have a visit from the commissioner of that service and the provincial governor. It was called off late yesterday but the service thinks that our program is among the best in the province at the moment and they wanted to impress the governor – very rewarding after the hassles of a few years ago.

The roof is going on the new hall and guest accommodation (see photo) and the market garden is thriving. They sent 660kg of green chilies to market last week – that sounds like way too much hot produce for anyone to eat!