Adventurer's Fun Day

On Sunday, April 3, 2011 the Adventurers of Epping Church comprising of Jessica, Mia, Zac, Ethan, Nic, Asenath and Madeleine attended the Adventurers Fun Day at Mountain View College, Doonside.

The morning commenced with the formalities of marching, pledge & law, and the Adventurer song and then got into the full swing of fun activities.

Under the supervision of our fearless Adventurers leaders - Sharon, Jess & Ken, the kids enjoyed games like ‘Pass the Bucket’, Team Relays, Dodgeball and 4-Way Tug-of-War.

The Pre-Adventurers also had a great time with their own activities like the parachute and wet sponge throwing, with Nic and Madeleine taking out the three-legged race! We also enjoyed the beautiful weather, the fantastic company and wonderful and unique foods (e.g frankfurt, cheese and marshmellow on a skewer or roti & curry!!) from the many stalls at the Fun Day.

A great time was had by all.