Youth Water-ski Day 8th May 2011


The day started bright and early

In fact it was a frightful 5:30


The temperature gauge read 5 degrees

And the biting cold did not ease


Our adventure began at Wisemans Ferry

The water temperature wasn’t as scary


Wakeboarding I did enjoy

All of my skills I had to employ


All of us got up pretty quick

Making us all look fully sick


We were all able to ride the wave

Showing our courage, and how we were brave


The girls skied with graceful ease

While they screamed “It is such a breeze!”


It was a day filled with fun...

Turns, flips, jumps and glorious sun


Falling onto my face many times

Has resulted in this fantastic rhyme


“Let’s do it again!” they cried

I whispered “I’m just glad I’m alive”


Written by: Matthew Ing