Mother's Day Social

I’d like to thank our young people for organising an amazing Mother’s Day social!

Everyone who attended was very impressed by the food, decoration and was simply fantastic! The mums were so surprised to find the hall so beautifully decorated with a full sit-down meal awaiting them...with table service and excellent food. it was such a treat for all our hard-working mums and aunties to be served for a change and not have to wash up.

I received many, many compliments about the evening, the food was great, the service was great, the games were fun...but the greatest compliments were about our young people. Everyone was totally blown away by their teamwork, hard work and positive attitude; it was a truly outstanding effort! You guys rock! You have demonstrated that you can do anything as a group if you set your minds to it!

A big thank you to all our young people and the social committee for putting on one of the best Mother’s Day socials ever!

From Arthur