Epping Church Amazing Race 2011 Race Results

Team SMS Receiving their Peeled Apple Trophy

Well the Amazing Race has been run and won.

After 5 hours and 27 events the winners were  Team ‘SMS’ (Stephen, Matt and Stephanie) with 231 points.  Closely followed by team ‘Don’t break a hip’ (Michael, Jon, Belinda and Cassandra) with 227 points.


Team ‘Silver Bullet’ (Vic, Eva, Kieran & Zorana) put up an amazing effort to take 3rd place with 177 points and had the honour of winning the first event of the day. Team ‘Better than youth’ (Rod, Vanessa, Brad and Marcia) came 4th with 155 points, a great effort from a very energetic team. The final team ‘Grey Nomads’ (Henry, Belle, Sharon) came 5th with 143 points from an impressive performance, what they lacked in speed they made up with experience, skill and treachery.

The Race kicked off from Dural at 9.30am after registration and payment of entry fees from which we raised $120 for the ICC Sri Lanka project. We then moved to Castle Hill Cemetery to locate a headstone and also carry out a physical challenge.


The physical challenge left us in stitches as each team demonstrated the weird and varied techniques of crossing a pole.

The next challenge was a test of communication and drawing skills which took place at Helen’s place.

The Race then went into full swing with the teams having to travel all over the Hills district in search of rare and valuable items. It also included a skills challenge where Sharon took line honours by peeling the longest continuous apple peel in 30 seconds.

As lunch time approached we had a break in a park and then the final challenges were completed, this included a limbo contest, water balloon catching and piggy back race. The piggy back race proved to be the undoing of team ‘Silver Bullet’ as Victor’s legs buckled and sent Eva spearing into the ground. Fortunately she only suffered a bruised cheek and pride. Cassandra enlisted the help of Snoopy to ensure that she and Michael took line honours in the piggy back race. Snoopy ran in front of Stephen just as he was approaching the finish line.

This ended the Amazing Race and an amazing day spent with amazing people.

The next social is a Pot Luck and Games Night on 18 June.

We are planning a high ropes course for July 31, bookings are essential so please let me know if you are interested.

By Arthur