Pastor Nigel's Thought of the week

I find coming to Epping Church on Sabbath both fun and uplifting. So it saddens me whenever I hear any excuse for not coming – and I’ve heard a few. One of the more common ones has to do with the church being full of hypocrites. Now the old-style hypocrite was a person who tried to appear better than he actually was; the new-style hypocrite tries to appear worse than he or she is. The irony is, if you ever found a church with no hypocrites – you wouldn’t fit in! How glad I am that I can come to church, stand shoulder to shoulder with my sinful but repentant brothers and sisters, and together we can praise and worship God for His patient and compassionate love! God is gracious enough to meet us in our sin, but also loving enough not to leave us there. What a magnificent God we serve – so much to praise Him for, so much to share with others!