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Welcome to Epping SDA Church

Epping Church is a family oriented church with a contemporary worship style and we love to have visitors join us for a spiritual refreshment each Saturday at 11am. If you wish to learn more about the bible then you are most welcome to come at 10am for our group bible study.

Now that you have visited our website, we hope you will visit us in person at Epping Church soon!

Pr. Nigel Ackland
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ICC Update - February 2012

The roof is going on the new hall and guest accommodation (see photo) and the market garden is thriving. They sent 660kg of green chilies to market last week – that sounds like way too much hot produce for anyone to eat!

Christmas Programme Puppet Show

A puppet show for the kids with a message for the adults.


Live Calligraphy during Christmas Programme

Kerri used her awesome talent with calligraphy to deliver a simple but poignant message during the Epping Church 2011 Christmas Programme.

Epping Church Christmas Programme - Live Calligraphy from arthur wong on Vimeo.

Matthew Kuo's Baptism - November 5, 2011

Matthew Kuo made the most important decision in his life on November 5, 2011. We are all so proud of you!


Mission Accomplished! - Orphanage Project

In 2009 Epping SDA Church embarked on a mission project to help the International Children’s Care Australia (ICCA) raise funds to build the school extension at the Orphanage in the Philippines.

Fundraising Events

· Triathlon—cycling, running, swimming, organised by the pathfinders,  adventurers, parents and friends.

· Bible reading by the Sabbath School children.

· Sew and Tell

· Creative Activities

· Games Nights

· Cooking demonstrations

· Birthday parties

· Generous donations by individuals and local businesses 

We were able to raise … $60,000 +. Mission Accomplished!


Roster Listing

  • Saturday, July 20, 2019 - 10:00
    Kenneth Lee
    Local Budget
    Song service
    Adult teacher
    Arthur Wong
    Andrew Lam
    Zorana Wong
    Kenn & Frances
    Vege Cooking letter boxing
    Youth teacher
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