Who are Adventists?


The name, "Seventh-day Adventist," indicates two doctrines that set the church apart from other Protestant denominations, even though the church shares most doctrines with mainstream Christianity. "Seventh-day" indicates the church's belief that Saturday (the Sabbath) is the seventh day of the week, and God should be honoured and worshipped on that day. "Adventist" indicates the church's belief that Jesus is coming again soon.


Adventists believe the God of the Bible is the Creator and the Saviour of the world. They believe God is a friend who values the freedom of His created beings, to whom He offers salvation. So, Adventists also emphasise human freedom and responsibility. They see support for educational, health, humanitarian aid and human rights initiatives as a way of illustrating both faith in the God who cares about every person in the world and the church’s commitment to quality of life.

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The Adventist Church is active in 203 of the 228 countries recognised by the United Nations. You will find high concentrations of Adventists in Central and South America, East and West Africa and the Philippines.  There are more than 120,000 churches and groups of the Adventist Church with almost 16,000 ordained ministers.


The number of Adventist Church members is almost 15 million and growing at the rate of almost 1 million every year.


The Adventist Church believes every person should have the opportunity to study and grow. Its worldwide education system now has more than 1 million students in excess of 5,600 primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, making it one of the largest Protestant education systems in the world.  Click here to find out more about Adventist Education in the South Pacific region, or to find a local Adventist school.  The closest schools to Epping are Hills Adventist College and Wahroonga Adventist School.


The Adventist Church promotes a vegetarian lifestyle free from alcohol, tobacco and the use of illegal drugs.

It is also making many contributions to health and wholeness. The church operates 166 hospitals and almost 400 clinics and dispensaries worldwide.

Sydney Adventist Hospital, established in 1903, is one of the largest and all-inclusive hospitals in Australia. The church-owned Sanitarium Health Food Company, established in 1898, is the leading health-food manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand.