Ignite Feb 15-16 2019 @ Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney wide event on Feb 15-16 at the Sydney Showground.

IGNITE is our Greater Sydney Conference Camp Meeting for everyone!  It will be held at the Sydney Showgrounds beginning on Friday evening February 15 and end with a music festival featuring our church’s prodigious talent on Sabbath evening February 16th, 2019.  

The intergenerational Sabbath morning will engage all ages in worship. Our featured speaker will be Dr Lowell Cooper, former General Conference Vice President.  Sabbath school classes will not be separate, but there will be breakout programs for all ages after the bring-your-own basket lunch.

We will be launching a number of initiatives from 2018’s Think Tank and Constituency Session that we believe will energise our conference’s vision and mission.


Friday, February 15, 2019 - 18:16